Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cupcake Cake

Cupcake Cake

Vanilla cake with chocolate ganache filling

hand made fondant cupcakes and sugar pearls

All decorations edible including metallic fondant crowns

Santa Cake(cake auction)

Santa Cake

Fudge caramel cake with chocolate buttercream

Rolled Fondant decorations

Everything edible and made by hand

Fondant Santa covered in edible "snow" glitter

Brain Cakes(a home project)

Brain Cakes

Red velvet cupcakes

"Brain-colored" Cream cheese frosting

A fun home project of brain cakes and "guts" cakes

Chewbacca Cake Pops

Chewbacca Cake Pops

A basket of Chewbacca cake pops

Chocolate cake covered in chocolate and PB melting chocolate

Each cake pop is hand designed

Darth Vader Cake

Darth Vader Cake

Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream

Covered in Rolled fondant

Quick & Easy Hummingbird Cake

Hummingbird Cake

Easy 2-layer hummingbird cake with cream cheese buttercream

Topped with Strawberries and drizzled with caramel & chocolate

Monday, April 13, 2009

Little Mermaid Cake

Little Mermaid Cake

3-tier Banana-chocolate swirl with vanilla/cream cheese buttercream

All fondant decorations including the coral and shells

Everything was brushed with luster dust to make it shimmery

The entire base was covered in buttercream, then a wave pattern applied, then sprayed with another shade of blue to give a "water" look

Submarine Cake

Submarine Cake

Coconut 4-layer cake with chocolate buttercream filling covered in coconut buttercream

The submarine is cake covered in vanilla fondant

Hand-painted navy seal on fondant with edible food paint

Valentine Birthday Cake

Valentine Peace Cake

A vanilla chocolate swirl with chocolate buttercream

All edible fondant decorations

Dark chocolate fondant tastes kinda like tootsie roll

Pirate Cake

Pirate Ship Cake

My son's 6th Birthday cake...all chocolate

This is not a typical cake I do in regards to edible contents
I did use paper for the sails & flags, and figures for pirates instead of making them out of fondant.

Mini Cakes

Mini Garden Cakes

Little French Vanilla cakes coated with royal icing colors

They are on a bed of edible "dirt" and chocolate rocks

Castle Cake

Castle Cake
Castle cake for a princess birthday

This cake was 4 layers and 3 flavors

Everything on the cake is edible, of course


I haven't updated in a long time, I will be posting a few cakes I have made in the last year.


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Children & Whimsical

Baby Shower Cake

3-Tier square vanilla cake filled with buttercream

middle layer covered in chocolate buttercream

top & bottom covered in a white chocolate almond buttercream

Edible fondant decorations used to cover cake

a Wilton baby top was used

This cake will feed approx 60

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Children & Whimsical

Tigger Birthday Cake

3-layer round vanilla cake with cream cheese buttercream

Hand rolled and painted fondant Tigger and decorations

"Fluffed" exterior

Top view of Tigger

Back/side view of tigger and other fondant decorations

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Children & Whimsical

Spiderman Birthday

3-layer chocolate & banana with chocolate buttercream
and a minimal decor

Rolled fondant spiderman head

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Children & Whimsical

Similar Birthday & Baby Shower Cakes
Tilted Tiered Baby Shower Cake

unfinished top (fondant drying)

Top layer is Chocolate with fudge filling, and coconut buttercream

Bottom layer is a glazed poundcake with carmel topping and chocolate buttercream.

Finished Top

Mad Hatter
1st Birthday Cake

Yellow Cake with Raspberry & White Chocolate filling