Friday, February 23, 2007

Children & Whimsical Cakes

Top View (those are not teeth, they are a glare on elmo)

Elmo smash cake

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Elegant Cakes

Pink Roses Cake

Side View of Cascading Roses

Lovely for a Bridal shower, Wedding, Baby shower, etc...

Top View

Elegant Cakes

Wildflower Cake

Fondant Bow

Top View

Hand-painted stems & leaves

Simple Cakes

2-Layer Chocolate Coconut Cake

Top View

Fall Pumpkin Cake

Top View/Fondant Pumpkins & Leaves

Children & Whimsical Cakes

Superman Cake

Flying over Metropolis

Top View

Different Layers, Different Flavors

Children & Whimsical Cakes

Caterpillar Cake

Close-up one

Close-up two

Close-up three

Children & Whimsical Cakes

Hello Kitty Cake in buttercream

Farm Cake with fondant animals

Top View animals

Back view of Farm Cake

Children & Whimsical Cakes

Close-up of Figurines

Close-up of Blocks

Baby Shower Cake & Cupcake Towers

Small smash Cake

Castle Cake

Keep in mind, I can do cakes by pictures, or I can design you one.